The temperature of the plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Our plastic bags with a certain temperature characteristics, we summarized as follows: a, flow temperature: refers to the amorphous polymer by the temperature of the high elastic state into a viscous flow state, is the lower limit of the amorphous plastics processing temperature. Polymer high elastic and viscous flow states, the transition zone between the known as the viscous flow transition zone, the corresponding transition temperature is called flow temperature Tf. Flow temperature Tf is one of the main basis of polymer melt molding process parameters. Second, the melting temperature, melting temperature refers to the temperature of the objects from solid to liquid, usually expressed in Tm. For crystalline polymer, refers to the macromolecular chain structure of 3 d remote orderly state into a disorderly stick the temperature of the flow pattern, also known as the melting point. Is the lower limit of crystalline polymer processing temperature. Three, glass transition temperature: refers to the amorphous polymers including an amorphous part of the crystalline polymer, the glass state to the high elastic state or by the transition temperature of the latter to the former. Is freedom of the amorphous macromolecule polymer chain segment motion, the lowest temperature is products operating temperature limit. Above this temperature, polymer showed flexibility; Under this temperature, polymer showed brittle. Four, decomposition temperature: refers to in the viscous flow of polymer when the temperature rises further, will be exacerbated the degradation of molecular chains, to make the temperature of the polymer molecular chain obvious degradation for decomposition temperature. In addition, there is a kind of doesn't flow temperature, the temperature characteristic refers to the flow does not occur under certain pressure, the highest temperature is Tf corresponds to a physical quantities.
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