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Why is there a valve in coffee bags

Why is there a valve in coffee bags


Coffee is very common in life, and it is the most popular drink in the world. Coffee contains a small amount of caffeine, which is a magical ingredient that can make people full of energy at work and prevent drowsiness. You may notice a white or transparent round valve on the coffee bag and wonder what they are used for when you are buying a bag of coffee beans. The coffee bags need these small exhaust valves to keep the coffee beans or coffee powder fresh and maintain the original aroma of coffee.

coffee bag

The function of coffee bag exhaust valve:

1. The roasted coffee beans are sealed and packaged in aluminum foil bags, which can prevent the coffee beans from contacting light and air, which will cause the aroma to quickly spread and oxidize.

2. The roasted coffee beans will naturally discharge carbon dioxide. If they are left in the packaging bag, the quality of the coffee beans will be affected. The vent on the exhaust valve on the bag can let the excess gas out of the bag, so when buying coffee, you can squeeze the bag to smell the aroma.

3. The air vent of the "exhaust valve" of the coffee bag can isolate the light and air from entering the bag so that the coffee beans can be kept in the best storage and packaging state, and the fresh and original flavor of the coffee beans can be maintained.

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