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Influence laminated food packaging bag price factors

Influence laminated food packaging bag price factors


kolysen laminated food packaging bag

Laminated food packaging bag price element one: Compound 

The number of composite material, thickness, viscose type (except co-extrusion) is an important factor affecting the price of composite bags.  Retort Packaging aluminum foil composite bags, for example, its various materials to high temperature resistance, viscose to high temperature, so it is more expensive than ordinary aluminum foil composite bags.  


Laminated food packaging bag price element two: specifications  

The larger the specification, the more the material used, the more the loss of materials, the higher the price.  Price and specification size is not a proportional relationship, the number of small cases, the price growth rate is higher than the specification growth rate.  


Laminated food packaging bag price element three: printing  

Most of the printing process used by composite bags is intaglio printing, which affects the price of how many colors and ink types.  


Laminated food packaging bag price element four: bag making  

Different bag types, production loss is not the same, the use of equipment is not the same.  The more complex it is, the more wear and tear, and the more expensive the equipment, the higher the price.  Now commonly used bag type bag making cost order is: three side seal < independent bag < four side seal < eight side seal, the bag making cost of special-shaped bag depends on the difficulty of this kind of special-shaped bag.

Kolysen Packaging laminated bags are qualified for their bright printing, smooth surface, high performance lamination and more. We can customizable according to your requirement.  Welcome to release your requirements on the details then our most competitive price will be offered accordingly for your reference.

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