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What is a Mylar Bag?

What is a Mylar Bag?


Mylar is a thin, flexible, and metalized material that is also incredibly durable and strong. Mylar bags and rolls are impervious to oxygen, water, vapor, and light and are perfect for long term food storage.

Over the years, Mylar bags have come out on top as the material that keeps food fresh and dry. There are many reasons why Mylar bags are incredible. They are:

Impermeable to gas





Compared to traditional tin or plastic storage cans, Mylar is significantly stronger, more flexible, and very portable. Tin and plastic are not as good at keeping out elements that spoil food such as air, light, or humidity—the three elements that spoil food the fastest.

You can also pack food without worrying about breaking or tearing the material. The polyester material easily conforms to the food or materials you put it in and collapses as you vacuum seal it. As soon as you seal the Mylar bag, your food is totally protected.

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