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How to choose materials for the stand up spout pouches.

How to choose materials for the stand up spout pouches.


I. Selection of laminate materials

 1. Outer layer

Stand-up Pouch suction nozzle outer layer that is printing materials, currently on the market commonly used stand-up Pouch printing materials in addition to ordinary OPP outer slitting, PET, PA and other high-strength, high-barrier properties of the material, can be selected according to the situation. Packaging dry fruit types of solid products, available in BOPP, matte BOPP and other common materials. If packaging liquid products, PET or PA materials are generally used.

2、Middle layer

Spout stand up pouches middle layer generally choose high strength, high barrier materials, such as PET, PA, VMPET, aluminum foil, etc. And RFID, require the middle layer of material surface tension to satisfy the laminated requirements, must have a good affinity with the adhesive.

 3、Inner layer

Spout stand-up pouches inner layer that is heat-seal layer, usually use PE or CPE, CPP and other materials with strong low-temperature heat sealing properties. The surface tension of its laminated surface is required to comply with the lamination demands, but the surface tension of the heat seal must be lower than 34mN/m, with good anti-pollution ability, anti-static ability and heat sealability.

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