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Are Kraft stand up pouches eco-friendly

Are Kraft stand up pouches eco-friendly


If you often go shopping, do you also find that kraft paper pouches are always in front of you? It seems that the plastic pouches are disappeared before our eyes. The reason why kraft paper pouches quickly replaced plastic pouches is said to be that kraft paper pouches are more eco-friendly than plastic pouches. Do you agree with this view?

Kraft paper stand-up pouches are more expensive than plastic pouches, however many businesses are still willing to use kraft paper pouches as packaging. Why do so many businesses prefer to increase their costs and use kraft paper packaging? One reason is that more enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection and regard environmental protection as part of their corporate culture, so they choose more eco-friendly and renewable paper pouches to replace plastic pouches.

Of course, there are still some people who still have different opinions on whether kraft paper is eco-friendly or not. Generally speaking, people think kraft paper packaging is not environmentally friendly, mainly about the manufacturing process of kraft paper and the selection of raw materials. They believe that the pulp of paper packaging is obtained by cutting down many trees, causing damage to the ecological environment.

However, in fact, these views are somewhat one-sided and backward, now the kraft paper manufacturers generally use forest pulp integration production, that is, through scientific management will be in the forest area of the trees in the planting, to ensure that its ecology is not affected by the destructive. In addition, kraft paper packaging can be recycled, this is an important point that kraft paper is better than another material packaging. Kraft paper is different from plastic packaging. It is not easy to degrade, cause "white pollution", has a devastating effect on soil and the environment, and can be rapidly degraded in the soil.

Through the above description, are you still doubting the environmental protection of kraft paper pouches? Kraft paper pouches are more environmentally friendly than plastic pouches. Kraft paper pouches are one of our Kolysen regular products. We have different bag types and sizes in stock. 

As a company that has focused on food packaging for many years, Kolysen is confident in the quality of our products. Our customers are also very happy with our products. Please feel free to contact us if necessary. 

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