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What are the features of food packaging?

What are the features of food packaging?


The features of food packaging are to better serve consumers, while still retaining the main role of packaging on the product. It can not only play a protective role, but also embellish the product. More importantly, it can also bring new feelings to consumers.

1. Attract consumers' attention


Visual infection is the first segment in all marketing activities, and it is also a extremely important part. Through the rational use of colors, drawings and text, the terminal dynamic display is strengthened to attract the attention of target consumers, so that corporate products and brands are unique among many competitive brands and products, and arouse the interests and warmth of target consumers. 


2. Creativity


As an effective channel to convey product information to consumers, food packaging has attracted more and more attention from enterprises. However, when a large number of commodities are placed on supermarket shelves and sold to consumers without a word, how to make food packaging convey more information to consumers and it has become a common problem for enterprises to produce more visual attraction.


3. The use of color


Food packaging design first uses different shapes and bright colors to attract consumers. Traditional packaging not only has the same shape, but also the color remains unchanged. For instance, water is white and transparent, fruit juice is the original color of the fruit, which does not pay much attention to color matching. Food packaging should make a breakthrough and improvement.

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