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What materials are commonly used in chocolate packaging design?

What materials are commonly used in chocolate packaging design?


Due to the characteristics of chocolate itself, it is required to prevent hygroscopic dissolution, aroma escape, grease precipitation rancidity, pollution prevention, heat prevention and other requirements in packaging. Therefore, the packaging materials for chocolate are very strict, not only to ensure the beauty of the packaging, but also to achieve the above packaging requirements. The packaging materials of chocolate in the market mainly include paper packaging, aluminum foil packaging, tin foil packaging, plastic flexible packaging and composite packaging.

First, paper products packaging

Because of the high environmental protection of paper products, generally used in chocolate packaging. The outer packaging adopts fixed carton to protect the chocolate from damage and enhance the display. Chocolate paper packaging involves coated paper, white card paper, gray board paper, box board paper and corrugated paper, some water resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, deodorant, wafer paper and other high value-added functional paper, the proportion of use is gradually rising, which will become a highlight of paper packaging enterprises extra attention.

Two, aluminum foil packaging

Aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture, light and heat preservation. Both the inside and outside of the chocolate will have the shadow of aluminum foil. Usually, aluminum foil is used as the inner packaging of chocolate. Chocolate is an easy to melt food, and aluminum foil is a great way to keep the surface from melting.

Chocolate is a high-fat food, and part of the composition it contains is grease. When it is hot, chocolate will become soft, and the grease will turn from solid to liquid. Aluminum foil can protect the grease from flowing out, playing a role of a protective layer.

Three, tin foil packaging

This is a kind of traditional packaging material, because of its good barrier and ductility, has always played a role in the current chocolate packaging, but due to the production process, production efficiency, application limitations and price factors, such as the impact of plastic packaging.

 Four, plastic flexible packaging

Plastic packaging has gradually become one of the most important packaging materials for chocolate due to its rich functions and various forms of display.  With the development of technology, cold sealed soft packaging has become the main inner packaging material of chocolate due to its advantages of high packaging speed, low odor, no pollution, easy to tear, etc., and can avoid the influence of high temperature in the process of chocolate packaging.  The development direction of plastic packaging in the late stage is to improve the existing plastic properties, develop new varieties, improve strength and barrier, reduce the amount (thick wall), reuse, recycling classification to protect the environment.

 Five, composite material packaging

Composite material because of a variety of material composite characteristics and obvious protective display ability, easy to pick materials, simple processing, composite layer is firm, low consumption, gradually become a commonly used packaging materials in chocolate and candy.  Most of the composite materials are based on flexible packaging, currently commonly used materials are paper-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite and paper-aluminum composite.  PET and aluminum foil are used in the inner packaging to keep the luster, fragrance, shape moisture-proof and oxidation proof of the product, extend the shelf life and protect the product performance.



Common chocolate packaging design materials are these materials. According to the different packaging styles, there are also container packaging on the market, which needs to be made of metal materials or combined with composite materials. No matter what kind of packaging material it is to protect chocolate products, improve product health and safety and improve consumers' desire to buy and commodity value. So do your research when choosing chocolate packaging materials.

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