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Function and range of food-grade coated paper

Function and range of food-grade coated paper


The main feature of food packaging coated paper is that this laminated material can be oil-proof, waterproof, and can be heat-sealed.

As people pay more and more attention to food safety, food production companies put food safety requirements in the first place. To meet the food safety requirements of customers, food-grade coated paper was born.

Food-grade coated paper refers to packaging paper used to package various foods. It is a laminated material that is coated with a layer of PE film or PP film on the base paper, and plastic particles are coated on the surface of the paper by a casting machine. The main feature is that the laminated material is oil-proof, waterproof (relative), and can be heat-sealed.

Food-grade coated paper is coated with food-grade PE film on the basis of the base paper. It adopts safe PE film and advanced film coating technology to coat the base paper with films of different weights. It is safe and non-toxic for holding various fried snacks and other foods, and it also has the effect of oil-proof, moisture-proof, and waterproof.

【Food grade coated paper】Application range:

Coated paper bag, hamburger bag, bread bag, sunflower seed bag, fast food bag, hamburger paper, duck neck bag, boneless chicken fillet bag, pork hamburger bag, biscuits bag, ham hamburger bag, greaseproof paper bag, aviation bag, cleaning bag, Sauce pork bun bag, French fries bag, salt duck bag, medical bag, chicken wing bag, large fried chicken bag, steak hamburger bag, white chicken bun bag, pizza bag, candied date bag, hanging stove peanut bag, Beijing Candied haws bag, chemical bag, disposable drinking water bag, chestnut bag, seed bag, rice ball wrapping paper, cake wrapping paper, father-in-law cake bag, chopstick bag, chopstick cover, crispy fried chicken bag, native bake bag, Wu Da Lang bake bag, KFC bag, barbecue wrapping paper, food bag, etc.

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