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Design Points of Food Packaging Supplies

Design Points of Food Packaging Supplies


Several characteristics to be noted in the design of food packaging supplies


1. Aesthetic characteristics


Food packaging supplies have their own unique characteristics, such as considering the color of the food according to the characteristics of the food. For example, strawberry-flavored biscuits will consider red, and orange-flavored yogurt packaging will consider orange. Nowadays, people’s aesthetics are constantly changing. Improving and satisfying people’s aesthetic needs have become the main topic of packaging bag design. Previously, packaging that simply put a product photo on it could no longer satisfy people’s aesthetic standards. They needed more artistic expressions. And designers also adopted abstract techniques. To make the product packaging more artistic, leaving people with room for reverie. When co-planning for a meat company's product design, the cartoon image was adopted, and the effect was very obvious.


2. Reasonability


The packaging picture can be exaggerated appropriately, but not at will. Modern food packaging supplies designs are increasingly using artistic effects to express product characteristics, such as computer drawing products. This method can make up for the lack of photography, and can be combined with ingredients, raw materials, etc. Random combination makes people understand and trust products more intuitively.


3. Targeted


As some foods are specifically targeted at a certain range of consumer groups, the performance of the food packaging supplies needs to be highlighted. For example, the packaging of middle-aged and elderly foods is more traditional, and the colors will also adopt deep and stable colors; children's food requires packaging lively and cute, colorful and often have some added value (for example, it can be used as a toy or collection); products for a certain area can show local characteristics on the packaging, such as dialects, cultural traditions, etc.

food packaging supplies


Some types of food packaging supplies in Kolysen food packaging manufacturer


First, we will show you the Greaseproof Paper Bag.


With the development of society, all walks of life are no longer just to attract customers to continuously launch new products to serve customers, but to truly understand what users need from the user's perspective. Our packaging industry is no exception. In order to better serve customers and help them expand new products and increase orders, we also continue to innovate and develop new products to satisfy customers, such as greaseproof paper bag, also called kraft paper food packaging bags, kraft paper/PLA biodegradable plastic bags, etc. This new type of product has been deeply loved by the food industry in recent years. Why do everyone like this material? Today we will help you analyze:


1. Kraft paper material is environmentally friendly


Everyone knows that the world now advocates environmental protection. Plastics are restricted from being used due to their special properties. They are not easy to decompose. Kraft paper is easy to decompose and will not cause pollution during the decomposition process. In order to respond to environmental protection requirements, everyone likes to use it. Kraft paper is used as product packaging.


 2. The material of kraft paper can be made into a variety of styles


The style of kraft paper can be made into kraft paper ziplock bag with window opening (kraft paper ziplock bag); kraft paper ziplock bag without window opening (kraft paper ziplock bag without window). Kraft paper flat-bottom zipper bag, kraft paper standing bag, kraft paper eight-side sealing window bag, kraft paper eight-side sealing window bag, etc.


3. The use of kraft paper food bags


Kraft paper food packaging bags can be used for a variety of small foods-general series: kraft paper dried fruit bags, kraft paper beef jerky bags, kraft paper snack food bags, kraft paper grain bags, kraft paper mushroom bags, kraft paper tea bags, kraft paper health products bags, kraft paper sea Product bags, etc., are moisture-proof, odor-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, and prevent things from being scattered; kraft paper ziplock bags can also be used for packaging clothing and other daily necessities, with a wide range of uses. The kraft paper ziplock bag is beautiful and elegant, high-end and high-grade, and the products packaged in the kraft paper directly sealed bag have more marketing power than the traditional ziplock bag. The kraft paper ziplock bag can be made into a white bag without printing, and can be used in various sizes. Various LOGO patterns can also be customized to meet the different needs of different users.


Second, the Aluminum Foil Packaging. About this type of food packaging supplies,we just want to talk about the main characteristics of aluminum foil bags.


Characteristics of aluminum foil bags


1. Light weight, with metallic luster and good light-proof property, high reflection ability to heat and light, metallic luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of printing colors;


2. Good insulation, strong protection, no air and water vapor, preventing moisture absorption and vaporization of the contents, and not easy to be invaded by bacteria and insects;


3. Good shape stability, not affected by temperature changes;


4. It cannot be stressed, has no sealability, has pinholes and wrinkles, so it is not used alone under normal circumstances. It is usually processed into composite materials with paper and plastic film to overcome the shortcomings of no sealability and isolation.


At last, some introductions of Kolysen Packaging Integration Co.,Ltd. We specialized in making and supplying a wide variety of industrial and consumer packaging products, including plastic films, sheets, bags, aluminum foil and flexible packaging products of high quality–individually developed according to your specific requirements. We sincerely invite your attention to take a look at our wide range of products and thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to be of custom food packaging service to you.

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