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What are the functions of packaging design?

What are the functions of packaging design?


First, protective sexual function  


Protect the goods from the invasion and impact of external obstacles, such as the impact, vibration, heavy pressure in the process of storage and transportation, as well as high temperature and high humidity or contact with chemical substances and produce deterioration, deformation, or because of the complete loss of commodity use value.  



Second, convenience function  


Commodity packaging should have the following functions in the main links of production, circulation and consumption:  


1, easy to manufacture, adapt to the process operation  


2, facilitate the flow of goods, so that the loading and unloading labor saving, stacking firm  


3, easy to display and sales, is conducive to shelf and window display, display, is conducive to the classification of storage and dismantling, distribution  


4, facilitate the sale of goods, to identify goods in the sales process, selection, classification, classification, warehousing point, warehousing exchange and so on to provide convenience  


5, easy for consumers to carry and use so that buyers pick up labor, convenient opening, and appropriate dosage, preservation method, use safety.  



Third, sales function  


Whether transported in large packages or small packages, after different degrees of decoration plum blossom, its trademark, label, pattern, text description, all play the role of conveying sales information.  


Good packaging can make consumers at a sight, correctly convey the name of the commodity, brand, composition, performance, use and make (food) with the method, with advertising, increase the temptation to customers, stimulate consumers to buy, so as to promote goods, guide consumption, expand the purpose of sales.

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