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What is Stand up Pouch Packaging

What is Stand up Pouch Packaging


Food packaging bags are a common type of bag in our lives. There are many different kinds of food packaging bags, such as stand up pouches, vacuum bags, paper bags, and plastic bags, and so on. Today I will introduce to you what stand up pouch packaging is.

Stand up pouch means a flexible packaging pouch with a horizontal support structure at the bottom. It can stand on its own without any support regardless of whether the bag is opened or not. Stand up pouch is an innovation in the packaging industry. With its unique design and function, it has a strong impact on the shelf, caused a strong sensation in the industry, and is expected to occupy the commanding heights of the flexible packaging field.

The stand up pouch is laminated with PET/Foil/PET/PE structure, and can also be made into two-layer, three-layer, and other specifications. According to different packaging products, an oxygen barrier layer can be added as needed to reduce oxygen permeability and extend the shelf life of the product. The stand up pouch can add an oxygen barrier layer as needed to reduce oxygen permeability and extend the shelf life of the product. The nozzle is designed to be sucked or squeezed for drinking and is equipped with a screw cap device that can be tightened repeatedly, which is convenient for consumers to carry and use. Regardless of whether it is opened or not, products packed in stand up pouches can stand upright on a horizontal surface like a bottle, freeing consumers' hands. 

The production cost of stand up pouches is significantly lower than that of cans, plastic bottles, or glass bottles, and transportation and storage costs are also significantly reduced. Compared with bottles, this kind of packaging has better heat preservation performance, and the packaged products can be cooled quickly and kept at low temperatures for a long time. Besides, there are some value-added packaging design elements, such as handles, curved outlines, laser drilling, etc. These have improved the attractiveness of the stand up pouch.

As a company with more than 20 years of experience in the food packaging industry, the stand up pouch is one of our Kolysen regular products. Our products can be customized as your request size, material, and design. Feel free to contact us if you have any needs on food packaging.

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