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Why do you wrap chocolate in foil?

Why do you wrap chocolate in foil?


Most chocolate packaging uses metal aluminum foil for packaging. Is it for the chocolate to melt and shape? Aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity. If aluminum foil is used as a mold, it is obvious that plastic is a better choice. So why choose aluminum foil to wrap chocolate?

The main raw materials of chocolate are cocoa nuggets and cocoa butter made from ground cocoa beans, granulated sugar, and milk. If the chocolate is exposed to direct light, the cocoa butter in it will react with the moisture and oxygen in the air, and the smell and taste of the chocolate will be lost. There will be no chocolate aroma when peeling the chocolate aluminum foil. Therefore, to keep the chocolate delicious, we choose aluminum foil to wrap the chocolate. Besides, wrapping chocolate with aluminum foil can prevent insects and bacteria.

The use of aluminum foil to wrap chocolate is not only good for appearance but also for hygiene reasons. Chocolate is different from candy. Its melting point is around 36 degrees, which makes it easy to melt when held in your hand. After using aluminum foil packaging, the aluminum foil can transfer the temperature of the hands well and prevent the chocolate from melting quickly.

There are two types of aluminum foil used for packaging chocolate: one is pure aluminum foil, and the other is aluminum foil paper. Aluminum foil is formed by rolling and stretching aluminum. Aluminum foil paper refers to paper made of aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil pasting and bonding. It is soft and easily deformed, like paper, and does not rebound easily after deformation. Both have good packaging effects.

Our Kolysen company has been focusing on food packaging for nearly 20 years. Chocolate aluminum foil is one of our regular products. Our chocolate aluminum foil is non-toxic, non-fading, food-grade, and we are also a Disney supplier. Our products can be customized as customers request size and design. Please feel free to contact us if necessary.

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