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Various Sealing Zipper Designs for Food Packaging

Various Sealing Zipper Designs for Food Packaging


 From the perspective of adding merchandise to merchants, general resealable flexible packaging’s zippers including co-direction zippers and lateral zippers.

Co-direaction zipper: mostly used for self-supporting bags, three-side seals bags, and other packaging bags.

Based on the packaging innovative form, it can be divided into front zippers, dump zippers, full mouth zippers, carton zippers, and blister zippers.

Front zipper: This zipper can be pre-applied horizontally on the roll film, presenting an innovative resealable solution in flexible packaging that notably enhances production efficiency. It grants designers more creative freedom in bag-type design, ensuring that the front opening and repeated resealing do not compromise the integrity of the bag.

Dumping zipper: An innovative resealable design, partially sealed, ideal for packaging items like pet food, snacks, roasted dried fruits, and breakfast cereals, allowing for easy dispensing. This design minimizes packaging waste, reduces costs, introduces novel forms, and ensures user-friendliness.

Full-mouth zipper: Designed for wide-mouth packaging, this zipper enables complete bag opening to access contents. The resealing capability is simple and repeatable, facilitating easy access to products like snacks, frozen items, cookies, biscuits, and pet food using a spoon. The bag's four surfaces provide convenience for designers to create engaging packaging patterns, elevating the visual appeal for effective product marketing.

Categorized by zipper functionality, there are two types: powder-proof zipper and waterproof zipper 

Powder-proof zipper: Specifically crafted for packaging powdery products.

Waterproof zipper: Utilizes a double-lock track design to guarantee the tight seal and high air-tightness for liquid packaging.

Depending on the zipper track design, they are classified as double-track zippers and slider zippers.

There are also Boundless and Vector (TM) zippers categorized according to their track design.

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