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How to choose the appropriate type of laminated pouch

How to choose the appropriate type of laminated pouch


Kolysen Printed Laminated Pouch

Selecting the appropriate type of laminated pouch requires comprehensive consideration based on factors such as product characteristics, packaging needs and costs. Generally speaking, the following aspects can be referred to:

The nature of the product: different products have different requirements for composite bags, for example, food products need to be moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, anti-static, high-temperature resistant, etc., while liquid products need to be leak-proof, gas-proof, isolation and other functions. Therefore, when choosing composite bags, we should consider the nature of the product and choose the appropriate material and structure.

Packaging needs: different packaging needs on the composite bag size, shape and sealing method also has different requirements, for example, stand-up pouches need to have a zipper or mouth, and shaped bags need to have hooks or suction nozzle. Therefore, the choice of composite pouches to consider the packaging needs, choose the right type and size.

Cost: Different types of laminated pouches and materials also have different impacts on production costs, for example, aluminum foil laminated pouches have high strength, high transparency and high heat resistance due to the advantages of high strength, high transparency and high heat resistance, but also correspondingly higher prices. Therefore, when choosing composite pouches, it is important to consider the cost-effectiveness and choose the more cost-effective program.

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