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Easy to tear sealing film tips

Easy to tear sealing film tips


The so-called packaging, the original purpose is to protect goods and promote products, but with the development of society, various types of packaging have evolved to facilitate people's lives. Today's packaging products are not only changing rapidly in form, but also in functionality.

Although many traditional packages are exquisite and can protect the product, they are inconvenient to use. It is based on this that many packages that facilitate people's lives have emerged. Today, we will introduce such a product-easy-tear sealing film. The so-called easy to tear sealing film does not mean that the package itself is easy to tear, but it is attached to the packaged product and is easy to uncover and use, without expending great efforts or even destroying the package.

Easy-tear sealing film packaging originated in Europe in the 1990s. At that time, a packaging activity related to child-friendly topics advocated the promotion of child-friendly and harmless product packaging to reduce harm to children and difficult to uncover. Plastic packaging problem. As a result, easy-tear sealing film began to appear in people’s lives. Today, the application of easy-tear sealing film is no longer limited to packaging services for children, but extends to all walks of life, such as medical industry, food industry, pets Supplies industry, etc.

Why is the easy-tear packaging film so popular and applied in all walks of life after its appearance? First of all, the more ordinary packaging is easy to seal at the sealing place. It is necessary to tear the package vigorously, and part of the packaging will inevitably be spilled, resulting in waste. The necessary waste is annoying; secondly, just as the original intention of the easy-to-tear sealing film is to serve children and replace the traditional packaging that is difficult for children to open.

Kolysen Packaging is a professioanl easy-tear sealing film production company, after years of customized production and research and development of easy tear sealing film, now we can provide PP cup film, cooked food cover film, braised meat sealing film and other customized easy-tear sealing film products.

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