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What function should tea packaging bag have?

What function should tea packaging bag have?


What function should tea packaging bag have?

As one of the world's three drinks, tea is known as the beverage of the 21st century, and is favored by the world for its natural nutrition and health care quality characteristics. The nature of tea also determines the packaging of tea is very exquisite. Why is that? Because tea is a special commodity, imperfect packaging will often damage the shape, color and fragrance of tea. In order to achieve long-term storage and transportation, tea needs to be effectively packaged.

What function should tea packaging bag have?

1:Moisture-proof: water in tea is the medium of biochemical changes of tea, and low water content is conducive to the preservation of tea quality.   Tea water content should not exceed 5%, long-term preservation to 3% is the best.  Good moisture-proof performance can be selected during packaging,such as aluminum foil or aluminum foil evaporation film as the base material of composite film for packaging materials for moisture-proof packaging.

2:Oxidation prevention: Excessive oxygen content in packaging will lead to oxidation and deterioration of some components in tea. For example, lipid substances oxidize with oxygen in space to generate aldehydes and ketones, thus producing the smell of rancidity. Therefore, the oxygen content in tea packaging must be effectively controlled below 1%. In packaging technology, air packing method or vacuum packing method can be used to reduce the presence of oxygen.

3:Anti-high temperature: temperature is an important factor affecting the change of tea quality. The difference of temperature is 10℃, and the difference of chemical reaction rate is 3~5 times. Under high temperature, tea will accelerate the oxidation of its contents, leading to a rapid reduction of polyphenols and other effective substances, and accelerate the deterioration of quality.   According to the experiment, tea storage temperature in 5℃ below the best effect. When the temperature was 10 ~ 15℃, the color of tea decreased slowly, and the color effect remained good. When the temperature was over 25 ℃, the color of tea would change quickly. Therefore, tea is suitable for preservation at low temperature.

4:Shading performance: light can promote the oxidation of chlorophyll and lipids and other substances in tea, increase the odor substances such as valeraldehyde and propanaldehyde in tea, and accelerate the aging of tea. Therefore, when packaging tea leaves, it is necessary to block light to prevent photocatalytic reactions of other components such as chlorophyll lipids. In addition, ultraviolet is also an important factor causing tea deterioration. To solve this problem, shading packaging technology can be used.

5:Gas barrier property: the aroma of tea is easy to be lost, and vulnerable to the influence of external odor, especially the odor decomposed by the residual solvent of composite film and heat sealing will affect the flavor of tea, so that the aroma of tea is affected. Therefore, when packing tea leaves, it is necessary to avoid escaping fragrance from the packaging and absorbing peculiar smell from the outside. Tea packaging materials must have a certain gas barrier property.

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