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What can a spout pouch pack? Can the customized shaped spout pouch be retorted?

What can a spout pouch pack? Can the customized shaped spout pouch be retorted?


Spout bag is a new type of plastic flexible packaging developed on the basis of stand up bag, which is mainly divided into two parts: self-supporting and spout. Self-supporting means that there is a layer of film at the bottom to support standing, and the spout is made of new material PE blow molding and injection molding, which fully meets the food grade requirements.

This kind of packaging material is the same as ordinary laminate materials, just the materials of corresponding structure need to be used according to the different products. The material of aluminum foil spout packaging bag is aluminum foil composite film, which is made into packaging bag through three or more layers of film for printing, lamination, slitting and other technological processes. Because the aluminum foil material has excellent performance, it is opaque, silvery-white color, anti gloss, good barrier, heat sealing, optical rotation shielding, high / low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance retention, no odor, softness and other characteristics, it is deeply loved by consumers.

Spout stand up pouches are generally used to pack liquids, such as fruit juice, beverage, detergent, milk, soybean milk, soy sauce and so on. Due to the variety of spout in the spout pouch, there are long spouts for jelly, fruit juice and beverages, suction nozzles for washing products, butterfly valves for red wine, etc.

The specification, size and color can be customized according to the products to be packaged. The materials are complete, including aluminum foil laminate  film, aluminumized laminate film, plastic laminate film, nylon laminate film, etc. different materials have different functions and application ranges. The bag type is a common stand up bag and a customized shaped bag full of personality characteristics. Different bag shapes have different display effects.

As the advantages of flexible packaging with spout are understood by more consumers, and with the continuous strengthening of social environmental protection awareness, it will become a trend to replace and barrel with flexible  packaging with spout, and replace the traditional flexible packaging that can no longer be sealed with a spout. Compared with common packaging forms, the biggest advantage of stand up bag with spout is portability. The stand up pouch with spout can be conveniently put into the backpack or even pocket, and with the reduction of contents, the business scope of our factory has the characteristics of diversification.

If the stand up pouch with spout is required to be able to retort, the inner layer of the packaging bag needs to use retort material. If it can be used and edible at a high temperature of 121 ℃, PET / PA / Al / RCPP is the best choice. PET is the material used for printing patterns on the outermost layer, and the printing ink should also use cooking ink; PA is nylon, which can withstand high temperature; Al is aluminum foil, which has excellent insulation, light resistance and freshness; RCPP is the innermost heat sealing film. Ordinary packaging bags can be heat sealed with CPP material. Retort packaging bags need to use RCPP, that is, cooking CPP. The films of each layer also need to be laminated to make packaging bags. Of course, ordinary aluminum foil packaging bags can use ordinary aluminum foil glue, while retort bags need aluminum foil glue that can be retorted, step by step, in order to create perfect packaging.

Stand up pouch with spout is one of we Kolysen’s mature products. Kolysen is focused on this field for many years. We are confident in our product quality, and we have many customers in Europe and Southeast Asia. Kindly advise the details you want and we will custom according to your request.

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