Production Procedure on Kolysen Printed Packaging Bag

Step 1  Confirmation on The Production Details And Quantity

Step 2  Project Seminar on Preparation Of Production

Step 3  Artwork Proof Making And Cylinder Etching

Step 4  Printing

Step 5  Lamination

Step 6  Heat Curing

Step 7  Bag Making

Step 8   Inspection and Packaging

Step 9   Delivery / Shipment

Complimentary Samples for you and Technical Consultation at your convenience.



Kolysen Packaging Integration Co.,LTD. is the high-tech food packaging supplies company, and we produce high-quality items of flexible packaging, aluminum foil packaging, etc.



Kolysen Packaging Integration Co.,Ltd.(KPICO) is specialized in making and supplying a wide variety of industrial and consumer packaging products, including plastic films, sheets, bags, aluminum foil and flexible packaging products of high quality–individually developed according to your specific requirements.

Kolysen is committed to timely delivering the best product at a right cost with unsurpassed service for both our foreign and domestic partners. We value people and honesty honor as the most important developing concept, stick to the service promise and focus on the brand building. The business strategy is to uphold the idea that develop in a stable environment and pursue the stability during development. One of our prides is that we can give you integrated service and satisfaction. There are very few companies who can provide you with such a broad range of film products at competitive prices.

We sincerely invite your attention to take a look at our wide range of products and thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you.

Food packaging supplies have their own unique characteristics, such as considering the color of the food according to the characteristics of the food. For example, strawberry-flavored biscuits will consider red, and orange-flavored yogurt packaging will consider orange. Nowadays, people’s aesthetics are constantly changing. Improving and satisfying people’s aesthetic needs have become the main topic of packaging bag design. Previously, packaging that simply put a product photo on it could no longer satisfy people’s aesthetic standards. They needed more artistic expressions. And designers also adopted abstract techniques. To make the product packaging more artistic, leaving people with room for reverie. When co-planning for a meat company's product design, the cartoon image was adopted, and the effect was very obvious.
At first, it specifically refers to plastic film bag packaging, and later refers to flexible packaging or flexible containers of various single materials or composite materials, and now even includes semi-rigid packaging such as blister packaging, skin packaging and some thermoformed packaging form.
A new type of plastic made from recycled waste degrades in less than a year.The substance, known as polyhydroxybutyrate, will soon be used mainly to produce and break down disposable products, making it environmentally friendly.This innovative material can be manufactured on an industrial scale through new processes developed by THE Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK and its partners.


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