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The road of environmentally friendly food packaging film

The road of environmentally friendly food packaging film


In the packaging industry, flexible plastic packaging products may always feel that they are not environmentally friendly and difficult to recycle. However, in fact, food flexible packaging such as food packaging film, food packaging bags, etc. have never given up the packaging requirements of environmental protection.

Take food packaging film as an example. In the initial production, non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting materials are selected to avoid contact between packaging materials and food to contaminate food, and to prevent people from being poisoned after eating. Up to now, various new packaging materials have been continuously developed successfully, and people are no longer limited to considering the non-toxic effects of the food packaging film itself when producing food packaging films.

How to produce a more green and environmentally friendly food packaging film is the topic of the times, and in addition to paying attention to and value in the food packaging bag production process, raw materials are the key. For example, the use of leaves as raw materials, with measures, not only can be waterproof and oil resistant, but also can be completely recyclable, avoiding the possibility of white pollution from the source. Biodegradable food packaging film is undoubtedly a major direction for the development of food packaging film products now and in the future.

In addition to obtaining raw materials for green packaging from nature, there are also many innovative methods for extracting the required substances from existing foods for research and development, that is, producing edible food packaging films. For example, a film made of milk protein as a raw material can be eaten with the food in the package, which not only makes an innovative breakthrough in environmental protection, greatly reduces the problem of landfilling of soft plastic waste, but is also convenient for consumers to eat.

The continuous research and development of the above-mentioned new environmentally friendly food packaging films also shows that the current green environmental protection has become the general trend of the food packaging industry.

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