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Small packaging, big prospect: small packaging

Small packaging, big prospect: small packaging


On a global scale, a culture of convenience and mobility is driving the miniaturization of packaging. Consumer needs and preferences are changing. In urban areas, consumers seek diversified choices in terms of packaging functions, quality and price. In developed countries, consumers are willing to pay for products that make their busy mobile life easier.

However, in emerging economies, small-package products (such as sachets) are popular because they are cheaper than ordinary household packaging. They can also induce trials and are therefore the preferred model for fast-moving consumer goods and pharmaceutical companies seeking to expand their markets to semi-urban and rural areas.

Therefore, small personal packaging is growing globally. Personal packaging, such as sachets and sticker packaging, is generally convenient and increasingly popular.

About sachets and stick packs

The sachet is a small package, made of sealed flexible packaging material, on three or four sides.

Sachets are usually flat, rather than sticker packs with a round or oval cross-section.

The stick package looks like a tube or a stick and is made by sealing a narrow tube package at both ends and having a continuous side seam.

Sachets are used in the cosmetics industry to package large quantities of disposable consumer products, such as lotions or shampoos.

Both sachet packaging and bar packaging are used in the food industry to package small amounts of products such as salt, condiments, sugar, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, candy, coffee, dairy whiteners, chocolate and more.

In the pharmaceutical industry, both formats are used for small powder doses such as probiotics, ORS, vitamin D, wipes, tablets, lozenges, etc.

The hotel industry relies on wooden stick packaging and sachets. Items such as sugar, milk, coffee creamer, mixed beverages, yogurt and ketchup are packaged in this single-portion

Compared with sticker packs, sachets provide a larger surface area and can be designed into creative shapes to win the appeal of brands and points of sale

In conclusion

Sachets and stickers are easy to try, easy to carry and use. No wonder the global market is growing rapidly, providing manufacturers with lucrative prospects.

From a production point of view, both in production and distribution, sachet and stick packaging are more cost-effective than big bag packaging.

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