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The function of tin foil paper

The function of tin foil paper

Tin foil paper has the function of heat insulation.

In summer, if a layer of tin foil like reflective material is covered on the roof, 60% of the problem of direct sunlight can be solved. The rest is to consider that the metal reflective film itself will become very hot, and the heat will continue to transfer to the floor.

If this layer of reflection film is overhead and 150-200mm air circulation layer is reserved between the film and the floor, the effect will be very good.

Tin foil paper has a good finish and thermal reflection. With the protection of tin foil paper, the taste of cigarettes will not be affected by the external stimulation and smell. More importantly, it will not be affected by the air and the environment humidity and taste. The tobacco in cigarettes will not go bad, making their shelf life longer! In addition, there are thermal insulation and aesthetic factors in it. So there are layers of platinum paper in the box.

Tin foil can also be used for barbecue. Wrapped in the outer layer of the food, it ripens quickly and has strong fragrance, which is not easy to become cold. In restaurants, there is usually a layer of tin foil outside the roast leg.       

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