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Customized mylar bags wholesale bags packaging

Customized mylar bags wholesale bags packaging


What is mylar bag

Polyester film (PET) is a material made from polyethylene terephthalate that is extruded into thick sheets and stamped in both directions. It is a colorless, transparent and glossy film with a density of 1.4g/cm3. It has excellent mechanical properties such as high rigidity, hardness and toughness, puncture resistance, friction resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, oil resistance, air tightness, and fragrance retention.

Mylar bags are made of unique polyester film. They are not only effective in insulating air, moisture and heat, but are also lighter and easier to use than various other storage options.

Typical mylar bags come in three layers, including PET/VMPET/PE.

Mylar bags for food storage applications

Food storage is most afraid of sunlight, moisture and heat, which can easily lead to mold or spoilage of stored foods. mylar bags can be very good at protecting food from these factors.

Polyester bags are available in a variety of bag types, including stand-up pouches, flat bottom bags, kraft paper bags, suction nozzle bags, aluminum foil bags, self-sealing bags, medium-seal bags, three-side-seal bags, coffee and tea bags, commodity packaging bags, etc.

At the same time, we can also use an ordinary iron to seal the Mylar bags; we can also choose to add a deoxidizer after bagging to better protect the food in the Mylar bags. Of course, to quickly identify the food contained in the bag, you can label it. If needed, we will provide the label for free.

Applications of mylar bags

Coffee, tea, whey protein powder, dog food, fish bait, lures, chia seeds, spices, bath salts, cashews, dried fruits, potato chips, flour, popcorn, granola, candy, ice cream, popsicles, juice, energy drinks, beef jerky and all kinds of snacks, food, socks, clothes and other daily necessities.

Advantages of mylar bags

Excellent moisture resistance, high oxygen light-blocking property, good low-temperature resistance

Strong sealing strength; adhesive strength and excellent compression strength

No breakage, no leakage, no delamination

Clear and realistic printing effect, high-grade shelf display

Customized mylar bags

As a professional food packaging manufacturer, Kolysen offers customized mylar bags. Customers can not only customize logo patterns but also customize bag shapes, sizes and other personalized customization needs.

As a bag manufacturer, we offer two types of printing services: digital printing and gravure printing. Both types of printing have their own advantages and disadvantages in meeting the needs of different customers.

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