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Why is skin packaging becoming more and more popular?

Why is skin packaging becoming more and more popular?


1. Keep fresh food, extend shelf life

In the past, the fresh cold chain in the industry mainly used two methods: dry ice and nitrogen. The big problem is that if the amount is not enough, the meat will deteriorate, and if the amount is enough, the meat will be frozen. In addition, dry ice can last for about two days, and nitrogen can only last for one week. With this innovative skin packaging, the meat can be kept fresh for up to 21 days at 0-4°C

Skin-packaged foods are packaged with the film completely attached to the meat, forming an environment similar to a vacuum, but it is better at isolating air and bacteria than vacuum packaging.

Vacuum heat shrink packaging, keeping 0-4℃ low temperature refrigeration, the longest shelf life can reach 45-60 days, which is more suitable for long-distance transportation of large pieces of fresh meat; Modified atmosphere preservation packaging, commonly used in high-end supermarkets or high-end beef areas in supermarkets Keep 0-4℃ cold storage, the shelf life is generally 5-7 days, the price is more expensive, suitable for family consumption; skin packaging, the shelf life is between the two, keep 0-4℃ low temperature storage, the shelf life is generally 20- 35 days.

Skin Packaging

2. Improve the appearance of food

This packaging process uses high-quality and stable packaging materials, and the meat is packaged in a three-dimensional form. The transparent film on the surface is smooth and close to the meat. Customers can intuitively see the meat they want to buy. Good visual appearance. The fresh-keeping function is strong, and the appearance is online.

In addition to its excellent freshness preservation function, another major feature of skin packaging is that it retains the appearance of the food itself without being "deformed" by vacuum. This kind of packaging has a high-quality appearance, no juice or fog on the surface of the film, and customers can touch it. 

3. Comply with market upgrades

Skin packaging originated in developed countries in Europe and America. It is a novel packaging technology and a future development trend. Technically speaking, unlike vacuum shrink packaging and modified atmosphere packaging, skin packaging is to heat a transparent plastic film to soften it and then cover it on the cut beef lined with a box, and vacuum from below. The plastic film softened by heating adheres to the surface of the beef according to the shape of the beef, and at the same time adheres to the tray that carries the beef. After cooling and forming, it becomes a novel packaging object。

4. Exquisite selection of fresh packaging materials

In order to get the expected packaging effect, there are also requirements for skin packaging materials. At present, some companies have developed a variety of special vacuum skin packaging films for food, which can be selected according to the packaging products.

Breathable film: high air permeability, easy to fit into the body, suitable for frozen food; oxygen barrier film: high barrier to oxygen, can effectively extend the shelf life of food; good formability, can maintain the complete shape of soft food; multi-layer co-extrusion electronic exchange Lamination film: good barrier performance, suitable for fresh and refrigerated food, mainly used for automatic continuous skin packaging machine.

5. Obvious advantages

Compared with other packaging, skin packaging has obvious advantages: the effect of isolating air and bacteria is better than vacuum packaging, preventing moisture and oxidation, and extending shelf life; packaging highlights its natural appearance and enhances the desire to buy; skin close to food and juice Can not ooze, reduce bacterial reproduction; prevent fresh meat and seafood products from freezing spots; shock-proof, anti-friction, and no damage to the product due to transportation; no need for mold production, saving packaging volume and cost; and the packaging is easy to tear and easy to access.

Seeing this, I believe everyone already understands why skin packaging is becoming more and more popular. Because differentiated packaging can directly enhance product strength, it is necessary for high-end, high-value-added products. On the whole, skin-friendly packaging is also a demonstration of merchants' product strength, processing strength, and innovation strength, and can better meet the needs of food brand upgrades.

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