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What should be paid attention to in the packaging bag of frozen food

What should be paid attention to in the packaging bag of frozen food


With the continuous development of society, people's living standards have improved and the pace of life has sped up. Reducing kitchen work has become people's demand. Frozen food is favored by people because of its convenience, delicacy and rich variety. People pay more and more attention to the safety of frozen food.

There are four main categories of frozen foods on the market:

1. Aquatic quick frozen food, such as fish, shrimp, crab stick, etc

2. Fruit and vegetable quick-frozen food, such as bamboo shoots, soybeans, etc

3. Quick frozen food of livestock products, such as pork, chicken, etc

4. Conditioning quick-frozen food, such as pasta, soup and dishes, cooking food, etc

Main factors affecting frozen food safety:

1. Raw material freshness quality of processed food

2. Whether the processing process is polluted

3. Whether the packaging quality is good or bad and whether there is broken bag pollution

4. Whether the whole process cold chain

Packaging is an important part of frozen food, which is related to food safety, corporate reputation and benefits.

A good frozen food package must have five characteristics:

1. It should have a high barrier to prevent the product from contacting with oxygen and water volatilization

2. Impact resistance and puncture resistance

3. Low temperature resistance, the packaging material will not deform and embrittle even at - 45 ℃

4. Oil resistance

5. Hygiene to prevent the migration and penetration of toxic and harmful substances into food.

At present, the plastic soft packaging used in the frozen food field is mainly divided into two categories:

The first type is composite packaging, which uses adhesives to bond two layers of plastic films together, and most adhesives contain esters, benzene and other harmful substances, which are easy to penetrate into food and cause pollution.

The second type is the international advanced multi-layer co extrusion high barrier packaging. It is produced with green and environment-friendly packaging materials. It has five, seven and nine layers. It does not use adhesives but uses more than three extruders to melt and extrude resin raw materials with different functions, such as PA, PE, PP, pet and EVOH. It has the characteristics of no pollution, high barrier, high strength and flexible structure , it makes the production process of food packaging and packaging materials pollution-free. For example, the seven layer co extruded high barrier packaging is composed of more than two layers of nylon, which greatly improves the tensile and tear strength of the packaging, can withstand the low temperature of - 45 ℃ and the high temperature of 120 ℃, the vacuum degree can reach 100%, is not easy to damage and freeze crack, is resistant to high and low temperature, is resistant to storage and transportation, is easy to keep, and can effectively avoid oxidative deterioration and water loss of food, Inhibit microbial reproduction, so as to prolong the shelf life of frozen food.

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