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What is an eight-side-seal bag?

What is an eight-side-seal bag?


eight sealing bag

As the name implies, there are eight sealing edges, four sealing edges at the bottom and two sealing edges on each side. At present, many well-known e-commerce brands are using this bag type. Eight side seal bags are widely favored by consumers because of their three-dimensional effect, relatively high-grade appearance, high-end atmosphere and high class. Although its price is a little more expensive than ordinary bags, it has a wide range of applications, covering a wide range of foods. Such as dates, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts in dried fruits, milk powder, oatmeal, protein powder in nutritional products, beef jerky, and buns in casual foods. Eight-sided seal is also commonly used in tea packaging.  

Features of eight side seal bags

1. Standing firm, conducive to shelf display and deeply attracting consumers' eyes. 

2. A total of eight printed pages, there are enough places to describe the product in different languages for domestic product sales and global product sales promotion use. A more complete display of the product information. 

3. The bottom of the bag can be considered an excellent display layout because the bottom of the bag is flush. 

4. Eight-sided printing upright, conducive to the aesthetic display of the brand. 

5. Flexible packaging composite process, the material changes a lot, according to the thickness of the material, moisture barrier oxygen barrier performance, metal effect and even printing effect, the gain is certainly greater than a single box ; 

6. Eight-sided seal zipper bag with reusable zipper, consumers can re-open and close the zipper, which the box can not compete ; 

7. Unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy for consumers to identify, conducive to brand building. 

8. Multi-color printing is available, with beautiful product appearance and strong promotional effect.  Looking for eight side seal bag suppliers?

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