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Why do we use aluminum foil to pack chocolate?

Why do we use aluminum foil to pack chocolate?


Chocolate is fermented and roasted with cocoa beans, and added to milk powder, sugar, stirring and coagulation after the cocoa butter is squeezed. Compared with other vegetable oils, cocoa butter is more likely to absorb odor. The remaining portion of chocolate which is stored in the refrigerator without being re-wrapped will be contaminated by other things. But the aluminum foil will prevent odor. Meanwhile, aluminum foil also has thermal insulation to prevent melting and deterioration. Sometimes the surface of chocolate will be covered with a layer of white frost, which is a phenomenon caused by the frosting effect of lipids. When the cocoa butter is under the situation of above 28 degrees Celsius, it tends to precipitate out of the interior and rest on the surface of the chocolate, but it is harmless to the human body and does not affect the taste of chocolate.


The aluminum foil from Kolysen Packaging not only has no odor, but it can maintain the original flavor of food, and also have the ability to enhance customers’ appetite, with 100 % news raw material and brand new machine for printing.

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