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What is the acceptance process of food packaging bag?

What is the acceptance process of food packaging bag?


The acceptance of goods is very important for every manufacturer.  Only strict control can truly purchase high-quality raw materials, which is the same for food manufacturers. Especially for packaging food packaging bags, its acceptance process is also very important. So, what is the formal food packaging bag acceptance process?  


First of all, it is necessary to check whether the supplier has the product certificate.  Product certificate is the manufacturer according to the national standard, after the production of the product inspection, to ensure that the product is in line with the national standard can be affixed. For each qualified product leaving the factory, it should have a product certificate;  

 Second, check whether the supplier has the material guarantee certificate (including SGS report). The function of the material warranty is a binding function, which is the supplier's commitment to the stability and non-replacement of the material in the production of their products. If the supplier changes material structure privately to save production cost, we can investigate the responsibility of the supplier according to material guarantee;

Third, check and accept the goods according to the contract content of the order, which mainly includes the size and thickness of the goods. Of course, if conditions permit, other properties of the goods can also be inspected.

Fourth, printing products need suppliers to provide INK SGS report, which is also very important. Generally speaking, the ink used in printing food packaging bags is required to be food grade, formal ink manufacturers will have a complete SGS test report. If your supplier can't produce the report, then you need to check exactly what kind of ink they're using.

Fifth, according to the proportion of sampling inspection. Each manufacturer should have their own proportion of goods sampling inspection, such as 100 pieces of goods sampling inspection 5 and so on.

Once these points mentioned above are done, food manufacturers should have no more problems with the acceptance of goods.

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