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Is greaseproof paper the same as baking paper?

Is greaseproof paper the same as baking paper?


Although greaseproof paper and baking paper look similar from a distance, they are very different from each other. What is the difference between them?

greaseproof paper

Greaseproof paper, as the name implies, is paper that can prevent the absorption and penetration of grease. The paper surface of this kind of paper does not have the brightness of oily paper, and its main purpose is to pack some oily foods, such as sandwiches, hamburgers and so on. It can also be used under the baking bread, cake and biscuit to keep the ovenware clean. Its function is to prevent oil in a certain period of time.

The baking paper generally has a three-layer structure, the first layer is backing paper, the second layer is coated, and the third layer is silicone oil. This kind of paper has a very good peeling degree, food is the least likely to stick to the paper, and it is resistant to high temperatures and can be put in the oven.

Greaseproof paper and baking paper can also be packaging oily foods, however, because the baking paper has an extra layer of silicone oil than greaseproof paper, baking paper can be put in the oven for high-temperature resistance while greaseproof paper can not.

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