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How packaging design can attract consumers to buy

How packaging design can attract consumers to buy


The germination of packaging design can be traced back to the primitive era when people used shells, bamboo tubes, gourds, banana leaves, animal skins and other containers as packaging to store food; In modern times, packaging design is no longer just a simple function. The role of practicality and protection of commodities, commodity packaging is usually associated with commodities and has become an important factor in determining the attributes and value of commodities.

Modern packaging design is in a booming stage, the dependence of commodities on packaging is becoming more and more obvious, and the design in packaging is particularly important; The forms of packaging design are complex and diverse, the cumbersome appearance and the disadvantages of irrational application are becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, composite packaging materials re-plan the product packaging, take "practicality as the main factor and beautification as the supplement" as the design concept, pay attention to the novelty, artistry, aesthetics and practicability of packaging design; Not only must follow the laws of the market, but also pay attention to control costs and improve profits.

Consumers often regard packaging design as a new distinguishing mark, among many commodities, the first thing that attracts customers' attention is the appearance of commodity packaging, unique packaging design will always attract people's attention, thereby arousing consumers' desire to buy, it can be said that commodities and commodity packaging are an inseparable combination. Pay attention to product packaging and packaging design, in the process of packaging innovation, fully consider the feelings of consumers, pay more attention to friendly and humanized design, and at the same time increase the convenience and practicability of packaging in the design; In the unique design, through the use of color, unique packaging styles and novel materials to distinguish products from other brands; Reasonable packaging design has a promotional effect on products, appropriate use of product characteristics to reduce packaging, thereby improving packaging efficiency and reducing costs. The continuous innovation of packaging materials and the continuous upgrading of technology are in line with society's pursuit of environmental protection and food safety, packaging materials with environmental protection and fresh-keeping functions will be enthusiastically sought after by the market, and will also attract the attention of consumers.

Packaging design seems to be just the outer packaging of the product, but in fact, it is also a way to display corporate culture and brand image. The outer packaging of the product gives consumers a more intuitive feeling, in the eyes of consumers, the quality of the packaging reflects the quality of the product, and the creativity of the packaging also reflects the creativity of the brand. The composite packaging material network attaches great importance to the packaging design of products and is committed to creating packaging with corporate cultural characteristics, in line with brand image, and distinctive characteristics.

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