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Best Choice Aluminum Chocolate Foil in Kolysen

Best Choice Aluminum Chocolate Foil in Kolysen


Aluminum foil is a soft metal material. Its biggest advantage lies in its high barrier properties. It can effectively block the permeation of non-polar gases such as oxygen and has good moisture and moisture resistance. Aluminum foil has the characteristics of moisture-proof, light-proof and heat preservation. Chocolate is an easy-to-melt food, and aluminum foil can effectively ensure that its surface does not melt.

Kolysen is specialized in making and supplying chocolate aluminum foil products with more than 25 years of history. It can be embossed and printed according to customer needs. The product uses eco-friendly printing materials and meets domestic and international health quality standards. It can be used as food packaging, gift packaging, and especially suitable for chocolate candy packaging.

Advantages: Non-toxic, odorless, non-fading, anti-oxidation, existing samples are available for quality confirmation. 

There are 3 excellent features for the chocolate aluminum foil.


Very good machinability, Excellent gloss, brilliant appearance, Excellent impermeability to water vapor and gas


High protection against flavor loss, extend shelf life, Take less storage space. Generate less waste than many other packaging materials


Nontoxic and hygienic, Greaseproof and non-absorptive to liquids, Light in weight, moisture-proof, contaminants resistant, UV proof

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