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Why the price of custom plastic bags is difference?

Why the price of custom plastic bags is difference?


The most customers concerned is the price of custom plastic bags, Kolysen will inform you the key points as below:


1. Raw materials: The raw materials of plastic bags, including plastic particles and additives, etc. Custom plastic bags use different raw materials, the price will be different, the better raw materials, the higher the cost, plastic bags will be higher prices. The plastic bags have nice color if use the new raw material, the corresponding price also be higher; If the manufacture use the recycled materials, the final plastic bag product`s fineness is rough, the price will be lower(a lot).

2. Style: The price will be different base on the different bag type. Different styles of products, the relative production processes, production processes and labor costs will be different. The production process is simple, easy to shape plastic bags, the price will be relatively cheap; The bags be produced through the machine in large quantities, the price will be relatively low, if the bags request be manually or semi-manual production, the price is relatively high.

3. Size specifications: The size of the plastic bag determines the amount of raw materials required for the production. Usually, the larger size, the higher price. Then, the printing area(size) also will affect the price too(As point 5).

4. Material thickness: The different thickness of the material, the price is different too. The same size specifications of the plastic bags, the thickness be thicker, the more raw materials be consumed, so that the price will be higher.

5. Printing patterns: custom plastic bags` printing design will making different patterns, the price difference is large base on different pattern(or printing method). Kolysen making the copper pattern(cylinder) with high cost, but with the high quality printing effect, and Kolysen will help free keep 2 years, it will not charge the cylinder cost again if the printing design without change. Then, the different inks for printing are also with different price. Kolysen use the 100% food grade inks for printing.

6. Quantity: custom the plastic bags with the same specifications, but different quantities, commissioning machine required raw materials is almost same, so that the smaller quantity order, the bag’s price be higher.  In addition, the MOQ will be different base on different bag type and specification. So the price also will have some differences.

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