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What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing and traditional printing?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing and traditional printing?


digital printing

Compared with traditional printing machines, digital printing machines have the following advantages:

 1. The unit price of digital prints has nothing to do with the number of prints, and the number of prints is generally 50 to 3000 copies.

 2. The cycle is short. The printing machine directly provides proofing, eliminating the need for traditional printing plates and film, simplifying the plate-making process, and eliminating a series of traditional printing processes such as plate positioning and ink balance.

 3. Facilitate digital connection with customers. Print jobs are made electronically and all files are transmitted over high-speed telecommunications, including the Internet. In this way, the customer and the printing service are organically connected, which is a phenomenon that has never been done before.

 4. The speed and flexibility of digital printing cannot be achieved by traditional printing. Since the printing plates or photosensitive drums in a digital printing press can generate images in real time, even if the file is modified before printing, it will not cause or cause loss. Electronic printing plates or photosensitive drums allow you to change the image or text on each page as you print.

  Disadvantages of digital printing:

  1. Quantity limitation. Digital printing is suitable for small batches, and traditional printing is suitable for large batches.

  2. Size restrictions. Generally, it can only print the size of A3 (420*297mm), and it cannot be done beyond this size. Traditional printing can be printed to folio size (590*880mm).

  3. Quality restrictions. Generally, the quality of digital printing is not as good as that of traditional printing, but high-quality digital printing machines are not excluded, but the price will not be cheap if the quality is good. Traditional printing can generally meet customers' requirements for printing quality, and the price is not expensive.

  4. Delivery time. In the case of small batches, digital printing can be done immediately, but large batches can be time-consuming. The general pick-up time for large batches of traditional printing is 3-5 days.

  5. Price difference. In the case of the same content and quantity, digital printing is cheaper for small quantities (1-100 copies/copy), and traditional printing for more than 500 copies is much cheaper than digital printing.

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