Vacuum packaging of green printing

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
Vacuum bag, in particular, food packaging vacuum bag is food & other; Close-fitting clothing & throughout; In the safety of the raw and auxiliary materials, printing process and so on, directly affects the food quality and safety, which in turn affect human health and social. Vacuum packaging green printing using green materials, can reduce volatile organic compounds ( VOC) Emissions control residues in the vacuum food packaging materials and containers of chemicals to the vacuum packaging of food and drugs such as migration, make a vacuum bags more environmental protection and safety, to public health, environmental protection, and printing enterprise is a very good thing. Vacuum packaging food packaging green printing is not only beneficial to the user's health, is conducive to the protection of the environment, for vacuum packaging printing enterprise, is also a social and economic benefits & other; Win-win & throughout; The good thing. On the one hand, the implementation of green printing, use of raw and auxiliary materials of green environmental protection, can avoid the harm of enterprise employees, improve the staff's working environment, in the performance of the social responsibility, practice & other; People-oriented & throughout; The & other; The concept of scientific development & throughout; At the same time, also can improve the staff's sense of belonging and identity, and thus improve the work efficiency and production efficiency. Green, vacuum bag, on the other hand, is the trend of The Times, early implementation of green packaging printing, can to seize market opportunities, to win customers, win the market, obtain economic benefits. Vacuum bag green printing is the direction for the future of global packaging printing industry, our country government and industry organizations are also actively guide and promotion. The first part of the environment mark product technical requirements for printing, lithography, standards have been introduced, the general administration of press and publication are actively cooperate with the ministry of environmental protection to promote green gravure printing standard come on stage, further standardize green printing packaging.
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