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Manufacturers custom-made washing powder bags

Manufacturers custom-made washing powder bags


Washing powder is an indispensable part of daily life, and now the packaging of washing powder is mainly plastic packaging bags, on the one hand, because the cost of plastic bags is low, on the other hand, the sealing and moisture-proof performance of the packaging bags is good, and it is not easy to damage. In addition, it is convenient to print, our company can complete 9-color printing.

The material of washing powder packaging bag is generally: PET/PE Laminated film (milky white), PET film its color effect is good, can print fine patterns, and PE film can be used for heat sealing, through the Laminated of the two films, can achieve ink does not fall off, the heat sealing effect is good.

Quotation for washing powder packing bag:

If you need an accurate quotation for washing powder bags, please provide us with detailed data such as material, length, width, thickness, printing color number, etc. Of course, the specific quantity is also necessary, the greater the quantity, the more favorable the price will be.

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