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12 type of materials used for laminated food packaging bags

12 type of materials used for laminated food packaging bags


12 type of materials used for laminated food packaging bags.

Kolysen specializes in making and supplying laminated bag, which is made by laminating various layers of materials, generally two layers, three layers even more.So, what materials are generally used for laminated bag? Hope this article from Kolysen can help you.. 

  •  Aluminum foil. Bag laminated with aluminum foil is one of our company’s main product

  •  PE(polyethylene) plastic film

  •  CPE(Chlorinated Polyethylene) plastic film

  •  PP(polypropylene)plastic film

  •  CPP(cast polupropylene)plastic film

    CPP film is polypropylene film made by casting process technology, which also can be divided into common CPP film and cooking grade CPP film, with excellent clarity, balanced thickness and uniform performance in both directions, which is generally used as inner layer material for laminated film. The thickness of common CPP film is 25-50um, has a better clarity by laminating with OPP film, smooth bright surface, feel strong, widely used for gifts packing. Besides, this film also have good heat sealing performance. The thickness of cooking grade CPP film is 60-80um, can be cooked 30 minutes in 120℃ high temperature, has a good oil resistant performance, air impermeability and heat sealing performance, widely used for the inner layer material for the packaging of meat products.

  •  OPP(Oriented Polypropylene)plastic film

  •  BOPP(Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)plastic film

    BOPP film has stable physical property, better mechanical strength and air impermeability, higher clarity and glossiness, tough and durable, is the most widely used printed film at present. Its regular thickness is 20-40um and 20um is the most widely used thickness. The main disadvantages of BOPP film is poor heat sealing performance. Therefore, generally it is used for outlayer of laminated film. For example, after BOPP film is laminated with polyethylene film, the moisture proof, strength and printing performance is better, very suitable for packing dried food.The surface of BOPP film is non-polar, with high crystallinity and low surface free energy so btoh the printing performance and the adhesion to ink&adhesive are poor. Surface finish on BOPP film is necessary before printing and lamination.

  •  BOPET(Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film)

  •  PA(Nylon), main material for vacuum bag

    PA is a kind of very tough film, with high clarity, good glossiness, high tensile strength, good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, organic solvent resistance, abrasion resistance and puncture resistance performance. And it is very soft and has good oxygen resistance performance. However, PA absorbs moisture, are poor on both water vapor resistance and heat sealing performance, suitable for packing hard objects, such as fat food, meat, fried food, vacuum packing food, cooking food etc. High temperature cooking bag is a good example.

  •  PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) pleastic film

  •  PET(Polyethylene terephthalate)

    It is a kind of colorless transparent glossy film with excellent mechanical property, high rigidity, hardness, puncture resistance, friction resistance, high&low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, good air impermeability fragrance keep performance, is one of the film that is widely used forbarrier laminated film. But the price of polyester film is higher. Regular thickness is 12micron, generally used for outlayer material of cooking marterial, with a good printing performance.

  •  Metallized film

    At present, VMPET and VMCPP are the most widely used metallized film. Metallized film has the characteristics of both plastic film and metal. Metalizing on the surface of plastic film is for shading, preventing ultraviolet irradiation, not only extend the shelf life of the objects packed in, also improve the glossiness of plastic film. It insteads of aluminum foil from certain extent, also has a lower price, beautiful and better barrier property. Therefore, metallized film has a very wide application in laminated packing materials. Currently, it is mainly used for cookie etc. dried and puffed food packing as well as some medicine and comestic packaging.

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