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Features of Easy Peel Film Sealing Materials

Features of Easy Peel Film Sealing Materials


Features of Easy Peel Film Sealing Materials

Easy-peel film, also known as easy-peel sealing film, is a relatively high-end sealing packaging product. With the rapid development of the packaging industry, convenient and quick packaging products are widely used in all walks of life, and easy-peel film is one of them. One of them.

Easy-peel film has the advantages of good sealing, easy to tear off, and keeping the mouth clean and beautiful. At the same time, easy-tear film also has high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, acid resistance, long shelf life, resistance to harsh weather and other excellent characteristics.

In daily production and living, easy-peel film is mainly used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging sector. It is a kind of inner packaging. It can protect goods and protect the seal of various containers (various plastic bottles, plastic boxes, and disposable milk tea cups, etc.).

The easy-peel sealing film features a tight seal and is easy to tear off when in use. The container opening is very clean. It is currently the most practical inner packaging product at home and abroad. It is used for plastic cups, bowls and other packaging vessels. Among them, there are also special easy peel plastic bag type films.

Easy-peel easy-open film is a widely used variety of easy-open film. The basic principle of producing easy-peel easy-open film is usually to reduce the peel strength after heat seal by a specific formulation, thus achieving the original purpose of both effective protection of the package and easy opening.

Easy-peel and easy-open films are generally made in a multi-layer composite structure with at least two layers, a main layer and a heat seal layer. The role of the main layer is to make the film have high rigidity and high tensile strength and tear strength. At the same time, it usually makes the main layer of easy-to-peel and easy-to-open film have a high melting point, so that the main and heat seal layers

There is a large melt temperature differential, thus improving the heat sealing processability of the film; the heat sealing layer is also called the adhesive layer, whose role is mainly to give the sealing reliability of the film and the easy peelability of the film. Obviously, the material selection of the heat seal layer is crucial to the performance of easy-to-peel films.

In order to obtain high quality easy-to-peel and easy-to-open films, the materials of heatseal layer are often made of special adhesives or special formulations; when the product requirements are not high, the materials of heatseal layer can also be formulated with specific brands of general-purpose resins. There are two ways of sealing the film after peeling, one is clean and without residue. One is localized with small amount of residue. The two easy stripping principles are similar, and the raw materials used are different and can be designed according to the user's needs.

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