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How much do you know about the material of composite packaging bags?

How much do you know about the material of composite packaging bags?


There are many materials for composite packaging bags, generally 2 to 4 kinds of materials are compounded, let's talk about the first layer of printing film: BOPP (bright film) BOPP (matt or matte) PET (white film) Nylon (white film) ) Anyone who has made bags knows that the thickness of these materials is also written on the contract. BOPP is the most widely used, and most bags in supermarkets are printed with BOPP. Vacuum material printing film PET and nylon, tea packaging uses PET more, because the price is much cheaper than nylon, nylon is used in boiled or retorted bags, generally fish, meat and other cooked foods pass 90 degrees to Nylon is used for high-temperature sterilization at 120 degrees. Of course, the ink is also high-temperature resistant ink.

For us, the intermediate material is generally PET (aluminized) PET (semi-aluminized) aluminum foil. PET (aluminized and semi-aluminized) is used to increase the sealing performance and aesthetics of the bag. For example, the potato chip bag is flushed with nitrogen, and the deoxidizer in the nuts uses PET (aluminized) to increase the sealing degree. The material of aluminum foil is completely shading and resistant to high temperatures. Now many bags are made of aluminum foil, but the material of aluminum foil is defective, that is, it is not beautiful and has creases. I believe that in the future, the material of aluminum foil will be accepted by more and more consumers.

The third material is the innermost material, and the middle layer can be discarded. These materials are PE and CPP, these two are the most common, as long as it is a composite bag, there are these two materials. These two materials have many functions and too many functions. The 90-degree sterilization is called boiled PE, and the 120-degree sterilization is called cooking CPP. There are also highly transparent PE and anti-freeze PE.

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