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What is a shrink film?

What is a shrink film?


What is a shrink film?

Shrink film, as the name suggests, is a film with a certain shrinkage ability. The shrink film has high puncture resistance. It is widely used for covering and product protection in the transportation of various products. Shrink film is not only a good-looking appearance, but also moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti loose, anti-theft, and other functions.


Classification of shrink film

Shrink film is used in the sales and transportation of various products. Its main function is to stabilize, cover and protect the product. The shrinkage film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkage, and certain shrinkage stress. In the process of shrinkage, there is no hole in the film. Because shrink film is often used outdoors, it is necessary to add UV anti-ultraviolet agents. It includes OPS / PE / PVC / POF / Pet shrink film.

(1) PE heat shrinkable film is widely used in the whole package of wine, pop can, mineral water, all kinds of drinks, cloth, and other products. The product has good flexibility, strong impact resistance, tear resistance, not easy to damage, not afraid of moisture and high shrinkage;

(2) PVC film has the characteristics of high transparency, good gloss, and high shrinkage;

(3) POF has the characteristics of high surface gloss, good toughness, high tear strength, uniform heat shrinkage, and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is a new generation of traditional PVC heat shrinkable film. POF is the meaning of heat shrinkable film. The full name of POF is multi-layer coextrusion polyolefin heat-shrinkable film. It is made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) as the intermediate layer and polypropylene (PP) as the inner and outer layers, which are plasticized and extruded by three extruders, and then processed by special processes such as die forming and film bubble blowing.

(4) Ops shrinkable film (oriented polystyrene) is a new kind of packaging material with OPS shrinkable film, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. Ops heat shrinkable film has high strength, high rigidity, stable shape, good gloss, and transparency. Easy processing, easy coloring, good printing performance, high printing resolution. For the trademark that pursues exquisite printing, it is a kind of material progress.

Due to the high shrinkage and strength of OPS film, it can closely fit with various containers of different shapes, so it can not only print exquisite patterns but also meet the use of various new packaging containers with different shapes. This non-toxic, tasteless, grease-resistant, food hygiene standard-compliant film allows designers to use eye-catching colors to achieve 360 ° The design of the label gives full play to creativity and imagination, which makes the design of the label of drinks and other commodities more vivid, highlights the image on the shelf, and produces an unexpected container effect.

(5) Characteristics of pet heat-shrinkable polyester film: it is stable at room temperature, shrinks when heated (above glass transition temperature), and has more than 70% heat shrinkage in one direction.

The advantages of heat-shrinkable polyester film packaging are as follows:

① Body fitted and transparent, reflecting the image of goods.

② Tight packing, good anti scattering. ③ Rainproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof.

④ It has no restorability and anti-counterfeiting function.

Heat-shrinkable polyester film is commonly used in convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially in the field of shrink label. Because with the rapid development of PET beverage bottles, such as cola, Sprite, all kinds of juice and other beverage bottles need pet heat shrinkable film to make heat sealing labels. They belong to the same category of polyester, which is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

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