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Processing requirements of high temperature retort pouches

Processing requirements of high temperature retort pouches


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In the process of high-temperature retort pouches, although many companies have strictly controlled people, materials and other aspects, the products produced are still unsatisfactory. And customers have complained about the delamination of compound pouches repeatedly. This is mainly because some details were not paid attention to during production. So what are the processing requirements of high temperature retort pouches?


The following basic processing requirements need to be met during the processing of high-temperature retort pouches:

1. Fully mature:

  To fully utilize the main solid reaction of the retorting glue and ensure the quality of the compound. The curing period of 3-5 days must be carried out (the curing period of YH502 can be shortened to 2-3 days).

2. Selection of compound adhesive:

  Generally, polyurethane adhesives of two components that meet the retorting requirements are selected.

3. Selection of printing ink:

  Using a specific high-temperature retorting ink, after 121 and 40 minutes of cooking, it still does not turn yellow or bla

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