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What is the easy tear sealing film?

What is the easy tear sealing film?


Easy tear sealing film is a kind of easy tear film, and it is also a relatively sealing packaging product at present. Easy tear sealing film, does not mean that the packaging itself is easy to tear, but attached to the packaging product is easy to be opened for use without consuming great effort or even damaging the package.

easy tear sealing film

1.Characteristics of easy tear sealing film

Easy tear film has the good performance on good sealing, easy tear off, keep the bottle mouth clean and beautiful, at the same time, easy to tear film also has high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, acid hydrolysis resistance, long storage life, not affected by bad weather and other excellent characteristics.

2.Application of easy tear sealing film

Easy tear film is mainly used in food, medicine, cosmetics packaging and other industries in daily production and life. 

3.Development background of easy tear sealing film

Easy to tear sealing film packaging source in the 1990s in Europe. At that time, a packaging activity on the theme of child friendliness advocated the promotion of child friendly and harmless product packaging to reduce the problems of plastic packaging that are harmful to children and difficult to uncover. As a result, easy to tear sealing film began to appear in people's life. The application of easy to tear sealing film is no longer limited to children's packaging services at present, it extended to all walks of life, such as medical industry, food industry, pet products industry, etc.

Why can easy tear packaging film become popular and be used in all walks of life after its appearance? Compared with ordinary packaging, it is easy to seal at the seal. It is necessary to tear the packaging vigorously, which will inevitably spill some packaging materials, resulting in waste. As the name suggests, the easy to tear sealing film can peel smoothly, so as not to spill the packaging materials, resulting in unnecessary waste and annoying.

The above is a brief introduction to what is easy to tear sealing film. With the development of society, all kinds of packaging have evolved towards the direction of facilitating people's life. Nowadays, packaging products are not only changing with each passing day in form, but also in function. Due to the different materials and specifications of plastic bottles from different manufacturers, Kolysen packaging can make sealing films of the same materials and specifications according to the requirements of the manufacturers. At present, we have also produced corresponding sealing films according to different customer groups. Such as: food products can be equipped with food tearable sealing film, cosmetics can be equipped with multi-color custom printing, daily chemical products and pesticides can be equipped with enhanced anti-corrosion sealing film, both can be selected.

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