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Introduction of greaseproof paper

Introduction of greaseproof paper


In a broad sense, it refers to paper that can prevent oil absorption and penetration. In a narrow sense, it refers to a type of paper made from the bleached, semi-bleached, or unbleached chemical wood pulp through high beating degree treatment. It also includes paper grades that can resist the penetration and absorption of fats and oils produced by adding an oil repellent to the pulp or coating the surface.

Characteristic of greaseproof paper

The quantitative of the product can be as low as 20g/m2, depending on user requirements. It has a certain strength and high smoothness, but low air permeability. Due to the strong beating effect of the fibers, this paper has a lot of fiber bonding points, the porosity of the paper is very low, and the transparency is high. Therefore, the penetration and absorption of grease can be prevented.

After the high-viscosity beating of chemical wood pulp, it is copied on a Fourdrinier paper machine or is made by coating and processing with oil-resistant paint (casein type, varnish type, hot melt or resin type, silicate type).

It is widely used in the packaging of hamburgers, baked bread, biscuits, and other foods, and other oily items.

Prospects of greaseproof paper

1. Vigorously develop paper-based packaging printed matter

Focus on the development of low-weight, high-strength, lightweight high-end packaging paper, and folding cartons, and develop in the direction of gifting and colorization. Firstly, paper product packaging based on folding cartons will have a larger development space, and secondly, the application of multilayer cardboard composite materials will become more and more extensive.

2. Vigorously develop paper-plastic packaging

Paper and plastic are the two most widely used materials in the packaging and printing industry and will coexist for a long time. In many fields such as food, medicine, health products, dairy products, cosmetics, and detergents, paper packaging is playing an increasingly important role.

3. Non-polluting green packaging is receiving more and more attention from society

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