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5 benefits of flexible packaging and soft film

5 benefits of flexible packaging and soft film


With the development of market economy, almost every industry is using flexible packaging and flexible film. The flexibility of the packaging solution itself is the reason for considering this option. However, more benefits are collected from flexible packaging films. From customization and versatility to cost saving and consumer appeal, it is difficult to find reasons for not adopting this type of packaging.Still want to know how to integrate flexible packaging into the packaging process to profit? These are five obvious reasons to choose.

1. Flexible film can be customized

Flexible film is touted because it can be customized according to the characteristics of the packaged product. Regardless of the shape, size or visual needs, this solution allows you to flexibly customize the packaging according to your unique specifications and market goals. This is a real competitive advantage.In order to protect and protect products in the retail and transportation environment, there are three main types of films: polyvinyl chloride, polyolefin and polyethylene. Each has different functions and characteristics, making it suitable for a specific application, or they can be combined to create a multilayer film with unique barrier properties for better protection or longer shelf life.Flexible film can also add a form of tamper-resistance to packaged goods if necessary. The customization element extends to visual properties as well, including clarity, glossiness, and  printability. It enables you to truly showcase your products and brand in a compelling way. Certain shrink film formulations are very suitable for packaging meat or frozen foods because they can form a barrier to reduce the transmission of mist or water vapor. You can print high-quality graphics in a variety of colors and designs to package products with creativity and style, or include important information on the packaging.

2.Flexible packaging is widely used

Versatility in a packaging solution is key. With the variety of options in flexible packaging, you can create a package that stands up, hangs from a peg display or sits on a shelf. In other words, the packaging works for the product rather than the other way around.Many product requirements and actual conditions must be considered when designing flexible films. There are some options that prioritize durability and tear resistance, safe distribution and storage, freshness and food safety, and protection from environmental factors such as temperature, light, humidity, and gas. The flexible film helps extend the shelf life of perishable items and can mask the smell of the package contents.The standing bag is developed using flexible film and has become a popular choice for food, especially those with high liquid content. These pouches are durable and versatile, and protect the product from the environmental and physical hazards encountered during transportation and storage.

3.Flexible film minimizes production costs

Because flexible film can be tailored to the specific size of your product, there is no need to use more materials than absolutely necessary. It can conform to your goods and render a higher product-to-package ratio, which has the potential to reduce your manufacturing costs. Dynamic utilization of flexible packaging films helps to simplify your packaging systems, eliminating the cost of labeling or capping, for example. Plus, the expense of implementing flexible packaging film, from materials to production costs, is significantly lower than that of plastic or glass containers. Since flexible packaging is lightweight, it’s more affordable to ship domestically and internationally.

4.Flexible film promotes reusability and convenience

The flexible packaging can be designed to include functions such as zipper lock, nozzle and sealing, which can be resealed after opening. As consumers increasingly seek options that provide greater convenience, this benefit supports the opportunity to attract more sales. It further enhances the attractiveness of the market and attracts customers who are interested in finding new uses from the uses already in their homes.

5.Flexible film is environmentally friendly

As sustainability becomes increasingly important for consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses of all sizes, it is essential to adopt packaging materials that meet sustainability standards. One of the greatest advantages of polyolefin and polyethylene films is that they are recyclable. People are trying to create a compostable, biodegradable plastic substitute that can last a long time, but so far, there are few other options. In addition, polyolefin film is an FDA-approved food safety material and will not release harmful vapors during the heat sealing process.Flexible packaging film manufacturing and transportation require less energy and produce less greenhouse gases during the process of entering the market. The recyclability, sustainability and waste reduction associated with flexible film options can increase the attractiveness of consumers who want to buy products from brands and companies that are willing to take steps to reduce their environmental impact and ecological footprint.Finally, the waste-to-energy trend (WTE) is becoming a more viable scrap option for flexible packaging materials. Technological advancements have overcome the problems associated with hazardous incineration emissions, which makes it more feasible for companies to convert waste into electricity, syngas, fuel and recycled materials. Doing so can help reduce air emissions, landfill volume and energy consumption.There is no denying that flexible packaging films have inherent value. The aforementioned benefits push this packaging option to the forefront of the CPG industry. The only question left to answer is: what are you waiting for?

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