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Christmas food gift packaging Ideas: Chocolate Foil and Candy Twist Wraps

Christmas food gift packaging Ideas: Chocolate Foil and Candy Twist Wraps


As time goes by, the new year will finally come. In the end, we ushered in Christmas and were troubled by preparing gifts. Here, I suggest that you might as well prepare warm sweets, such as chocolate or candy. And, it's best to dress it up with beautiful packaging. Below, the author will give you some Christmas food gift packaging ideas.


This is some Chocolate foil samples from Kolysen food packaging manufacturer, who provide custom service according to your requirements. When customizing food packaging, we must pay attention to the three elements of material, style and pattern.


First, Material.


What material to choose for packaging your food depends on the nature of the product itself.


For example, if you want to pack moon cakes, you need to use high barrier materials. If you want to pack oily food, you need to use oil-packed PE. There are many composite structural materials in packaging materials, which are selected according to the functional characteristics of the product. This is the most important point of custom food packaging bags. Choosing the right materials can effectively extend the shelf life of food. For the chocolate, I suggest you to choose the aluminum foil paper. The Chocolate foil is colorful and recycle that will very fit your Christmas food gift packaging.


Some tips: What are the main characteristics of aluminum foil paper?


1. Light weight, with metallic luster and good light-proof performance, high reflection ability to heat and light, metallic luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of printing colors;


2. Good insulation, strong protection, impervious to air and water vapor, preventing the contents from absorbing moisture and vaporizing, and not easy to be invaded by bacteria and insects;


3. Good shape stability, not affected by temperature changes.


Second, style.


There are many styles of food packaging that can be designed, and new styles appear every day.


Common food packaging, in terms of appearance, mainly include flat bags, side-sealed bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, fork ear bags, sling bags, waist bags, vest bags, self-adhesive bags, nozzle bags, and special-shaped bags and many more. How to choose the style of the packaging bag has the most direct relationship with the nature of the product and the customer's usage habits. For the candy packaging, I suggest to choose twist wrap films. It is flexible and colorful to fit your Christmas food gift packaging.


Colorful Aluminum PET Twist Film for Hard Toffee Candy Packaging


Metallized PET Twist Film Roll Candy Wrapper Packaging Materials


Printed PET High Barrier Twist Roll Film for Confectionery


Third, pattern.


If you want your food packaging to have a unique symbol and appeal, you need to design a set of unique printed images for your packaging bags.


Exquisite printing patterns can more attract customers' attention, increase customer expectations of purchase, and better highlight your brand image. As for how to design exquisite printing patterns, this requires your design team to be strong enough. 


Kolysen food packaging manufacturer has professional and strong design team to provide you Christmas food gift packaging ideas. If you are searching for Chocolate foil and Candy twist wraps supplier, please contact us for asking good food packaging solutions. Last, hope you have a good Christmas and happy new year!

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