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What is grease proof paper used for?

What is grease proof paper used for?


Greaseproof paper is paper that can prevent grease from absorbing and penetrating.  In the narrow sense, refers to the use of bleached, semi-bleached or not bleached chemical wood pulp, through a high degree of pulp processing and made of a class of paper.  Also includes the use of pulp added or coated on the surface of the oil repellent produced to resist oil penetration and absorption of paper.

The quantity of the product can be as low as 20g/m2, depending on user requirements.  Has a certain strength and high smoothness, but low permeability.  This paper because of the fiber by strong beating effect, fiber binding point is many, the gap of the paper is very low, high transparency.  Therefore, it can prevent the infiltration and absorption of grease.  It is made of chemical wood pulp by high viscosity beating and copied on long net paper making machine, or by oil resistant coating (casein type, varnish type, hot melt or resin type, silicate type).  

Widely used in hamburger, baked bread, biscuits, and other food and other oily goods packaging. Commonly used in cooking and baking where it provides a nonstick surface. Most baking cups are made from greaseproof paper. This paper will work in hot ovens to deep freezers.

Kolysen Packaging specialized in making and supplying food packaging for more than 20 years.   Greaseproof paper is one of the regular products ,we can customizable according to your requirement.   Welcome leave your demand to move forward.

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