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What are the advantages of aluminum foil bag?

What are the advantages of aluminum foil bag?


What are the advantages of aluminum foil bag?

Material: bright aluminum foil composite material (PET/AL/PE), matte aluminum foil composite material (MPET/AL/PE).  

The characteristics of aluminum foil: aluminum foil surface is very clean, sanitary, any microorganisms can not grow on its surface, can directly contact with food without any harm to human health worries.  As an opaque packaging material, it has a good protection for products exposed to sunlight, such as oily products, solid drinks, coffee and so on, which are a good packaging material. No matter at high temperature or low temperature, aluminum foil will not be soaked.  Air, low water permeability, can well protect the product inside.  Aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it itself and packaged food will not dry or shrink, tasteless and odourless packaging materials, will not make packaged food have any peculiar smell.  Stable performance, can adapt to a variety of high and low temperature environment storage, a certain degree of corrosion resistance.  

Why put a layer of pure aluminum foil in the bag?  Aluminum foil is also widely used as an insulating layer, heat exchanger, and as a conductor.  Typically, aluminum foil used in beverage packaging and food packaging is only 6.5 microns thick.  The thin aluminum layer provides water resistance, umami retention, protection from harmful microbes and contamination.  It has the characteristics of opaque, silvery white, anti-gloss, good barrier, high/low temperature resistance, oil resistance, heat sealing, optical blocking, fragrance retention, no peculiar smell, softness and so on.  

Aluminized bag, is in the plastic film coated with a thin layer of aluminum powder, play a decorative role.  Aluminum foil bag, as the name implies, is a kind of bag with internal structure containing aluminum foil (pure aluminum), because the inner structure contains pure aluminum foil, referred to as aluminum platinum bag.  In fact, aluminum foil bag is a variety of plastic film and 99.9% pure aluminum layer composite, through the bag forming machine sealing cut bag.  From the performance, the cooling effect is better than aluminum bag, pure aluminum bag completely avoid light, aluminum bag is shading effect.  From the material, pure aluminum bag is pure aluminum, high purity, is a soft material;  Aluminized bag mixed with composite material is brittle material.  In terms of use, pure aluminum bags are more suitable for vacuuming, such as loading cooked food, meat and other products, while aluminum bags are suitable for loading tea, powder and so on.  In terms of cost, the unit price of pure aluminum bag is higher than that of aluminized bag.  Put the bag in front of the light or the sun. If you can see the light through the bag, it's aluminum foil. If you can't see it, it's pure aluminum foil.  

In appearance, there is little difference between the two.  The same product, placed in aluminized packaging may appear a month of water loss, a large number of microbial breeding situation.  And placed in aluminum foil bag, may be half a year later will appear similar situation.  In order to ensure the quality of the products inside, many packages are vacuumed.  After vacuum, the internal oxygen is reduced and there is no environment for microorganisms to grow, thus achieving the role of product protection.  Secondly, aluminum foil packaging bag stability is very good, generally not affected by the external environment deterioration.  Functionally, the two are far apart.  First of all, because the interlayer of aluminum foil bag is pure aluminum foil, its moisture-proof, light-proof, waterproof, oxidation effect is far stronger than the aluminized bag.  Durability is the word of the aluminum foil bag.  Both kinds of bags can be printed pattern, aluminum foil bag soft hand, aluminum plated bag hard hand.  Therefore, aluminum foil bag is more suitable for food, medicine, chemical products, some electronic accessories, mechanical accessories due to the need for sealing aluminum foil bag is often used.  The aluminized bag is used for fast products, which is not to say that the aluminized bag is not good, it just proves that the price ratio of the aluminized package is very high.

Kolysen Packaging only makes high quality aluminum foil bags,  it has the characteristics of opaque, silvery white, anti-gloss, good barrier, high/low temperature resistance, oil resistance, heat sealing, optical blocking, fragrance retention, no peculiar smell, softness and so on. Welcome to release your requirements on the details then our most competitive price will be offered accordingly for your reference.

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