The practicability of aluminum foil bag with its performance

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
Request of food packaging in constant progress, about some of the high temperature resistant food packaging must adopt aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bag packaging customization has: sealing good, moistureproof, tasteless, good vacuum effect, with low permeability rate, not easy aging properties; Aluminum foil bag in the packaging electronic components, hardware, industrial products with moisture, rust, antistatic, shielding, shading and other characteristics; So has aluminum foil bags are used in which area? A, flexible packaging aluminum foil bag of flexible packaging is the application of soft bag container made of composite packaging materials, flexible packaging of present greatly advances the food beverage industry mechanization and automation degree, accelerated the process of modernization and socialization of life people's diet. In the prosperous countries, flexible packaging has become one of the main packaging of food, beverage, replaced the cans and bottles within a certain range. Also quickly in recent years, China's flexible packaging market, has introduced a line 10 aluminum foil consumption, can be used on the basis of the flexible packaging use different dry compound, hot melt composite and composite extrusion technology. Flexible packaging not only has the effect of moisture, fresh, and can print all kinds of patterns and text, is the ideal of modern commercial packaging materials. With the progress of people life level, flexible packaging aluminum foil also has the very big development space. Second, medicine, the aluminum foil packing pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly include water and injection of easy open type cap and medicinal inhibits PTP aluminum foil, because inhibits PTP aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture, carrying bento, ping an health, in the international pharmaceutical industry application is very much. Start using the aluminum foil packing medicines since 1985 in China, so far the packaging aluminum foil accounts for only 20% of drug packaging materials, medicine foil market rapidly in recent years, on the one hand is the pharmaceutical market faster, but is mainly due to the 20% aluminum foil in the application of drug packaging three progress from time to time, cars with compound aluminum foil packing along with our country automobile industry vigorously and car aluminum, rate of progress from time to time, cars with rapidly increasing market demand of the aluminum foil packing, there are two kinds of automotive aluminum foil packing, is a kind of auto air conditioner with compound aluminum foil packing, the China's auto air conditioner once the aluminized, demand for aluminum foil bags in 1. 50000 tons; The other is a car radiator with compound aluminum foil packing, used in the manufacture of automotive radiator radiator, condenser and evaporator, the current car tank aluminized rate reached 40%, annual demand is zero. About 30000 tons. Four capacitor, electrolytic capacitor using the aluminum foil packing solution used in aluminum foil packaging is a polar work under the conditions of corrosion material, the aluminum foil bag organization structure have higher request, the aluminum foil bag is divided into three types: cathode foil, thickness of 0. 015毫米~ 0。 06mm; High pressure aluminum foil thickness of 0. 065毫米~ 0。 1 mm, request the aluminum foil with high purity aluminum consumption; Low pressure aluminum foil, thickness of 0. 06mm~0. 1mm。
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