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Some opinions on coffee packaging trends

Some opinions on coffee packaging trends


Recently, coffee bags have attracted great interest from bakers and consumers. This is because people are worried about the environmental impact of packaging, and research is underway to provide solutions. In addition, there are now a large number of innovative technologies and designs that can be used by different coffee baking companies.

Here are some opinions into coffee packaging trends:

Compostable and sustainable

Coffee packaging accounts for approximately 3% of the total carbon footprint of the coffee industry. This is especially important for environmentally savvy consumers and bakers. Therefore, through research and technology, the coffee industry is adopting more environmentally friendly packaging to seek sustainability. 

Besides, these types of packaging are now the focus of more government regulations, all of which are focused on a cleaner environment.

Please note that most consumers are more likely to accept brands that prefer environmentally friendly products.

Due to the adoption of sustainable packaging solutions, there are reports that the scale of the environmentally friendly market segment is expanding. Specifically, environmentally friendly companies are looking for renewable, compostable and biodegradable solutions.

List the health benefits of coffee on the label

The humble coffee bean has countless benefits. These benefits are exciting for consumers who care about health. Therefore, labels that include product health benefits are one of the fast-growing trends. This is very attractive to ordinary consumers who check coffee packaging before buying.

Unique custom design

Packaging is the biggest difference between baking companies that supply the coffee market.

For packaging, due to the high-quality finish, reusable printing plates were chosen. In addition, digital printing allows coffee roasters to produce small batches without compromising quality. Finally, baking companies are adopting a more diverse palette, and when coffee hits the shelves, all of these are the focus of attention.

It is worth noting that although custom printed coffee packaging is a significant differentiating factor, it can be cumbersome and costly, especially for a single retailer or a company with less market control. Nevertheless, it is still the best way to attract the attention of ordinary consumers and get them back to drink coffee.

Flexible barriers keep coffee fresh for longer

It is true that coffee does not actually deteriorate because it is dry food and therefore has no fixed shelf life. Nonetheless, you still want to store your coffee in a way that will ensure it stays stable on the shelf for a longer period of time.

Barrier films for flexible packaging are one of the latest trends and have proven to be a flexible material in the future. Its technology not only provides a good design that can convince customers but also has the function of maintaining coffee quality.

People are increasingly inclined to use transparent plastic bags to package coffee. This material is not only affordable but also protects your dried coffee beans from moisture and oxygen. Another trend is to add EVOH, PVDC and ALOX to packaging materials to enhance the performance of the substrate.

Gaining more space among the trends in the use of Silver metalized PET pouches as the packaging material. They are economical, effective and non-toxic, including BPA, TSE, sulfur and phosphate, making them a healthy and effective packaging option. In addition, this material gives the packaging a reflective surface, which can attract potential customers.

Adding aluminum foil can provide the highest barrier for your coffee. PET/AL/PE provides a significant barrier to oxygen and water. Using Mylar can enhance this ability, making it a more effective packaging medium, and the best choice for long-term transportation.

Finally, Kraft paper packaging solutions are very suitable for coffee baking companies that want paper-based packaging.

As a roaster, you may want to consider these opinions about emerging models and coffee packaging trends. Fortunately, more and more innovative designs should be able to help brands stand out from other brands through technology, sustainability and unique marketing methods. This is especially beneficial for companies that want to take advantage of the surge in online orders.

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