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Kolysen Food Packaging

Kolysen Food Packaging


Food packaging is an important part of food merchandise. The main project is in the food industry process. It can protect food and prevent it from being damaged by biological, chemical, and physical external factors when it leaves the factory. It also has the function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself. It is convenient for food consumption. It is also the first product that shows the appearance of food, attracts consumer images, and has a value other than material costs. Therefore, the food packaging process is also a very important part of food manufacturing system engineering. However, the versatility of the food packaging process makes it relatively independent of its own system.

Basic classification

There are many ways to classify food packaging. For example, it can be divided into waterproof packaging, microwave packaging, vacuum packaging, deoxygenated packaging, retort bag packaging, etc. The above-mentioned various packages are all made of different composite materials, and their packaging characteristics are corresponding to the requirements of different foods, which can effectively protect the quality of the food. Kolysen mainly deals in flexible packaging.

Main function

Food packaging is an important part of food merchandise. Food packaging and food packaging boxes protect food and prevent biological, chemical, and physical damage from external factors when the food leaves the factory to the consumer. There is a function of maintaining the stable quality of the food itself. Convenience food is the first to show the appearance of food, attract the image of consumption, and has value beyond material cost.1.Protect food and extend the shelf life of food  2.Convenient food circulation3.Increase the variety of convenience foods, which are convenient for consumers and have local flavors 4.Convenient cooking food to prevent contamination of food, using special packaging technology

Industry characteristics

According to the inherent characteristics of the product or the attributes of the product, the use of visualized colors is an important means of packaging and printing design. Commodity packaging bags are an important part of commodities. As an important link in product packaging design, color not only plays a leading role in beautifying product packaging but also plays a pivotal role in the process of product sales. More and more companies and commodity packaging bag designers are beginning to pay attention to this point.

Kolysen Packaging Intergration Co,.Ltd(KPICO) is specialized in making and supplying a wide variety of industrial and consumer packaging products, including plastic film, aluminum foil and flexible packaging products of high quality--individually developed according to your specific requirements

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