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The production steps of the spout bag

The production steps of the spout bag


Spout packaging bags, also known as standup spout bags and spout standup bags. There are various types of spout packaging bags, which can be divided into vertical installation standup bags and oblique installation spout bags according to the position of the spout; According to application, it can be divided into jelly spout bags, soy milk spout bags, sauce spout bags, laundry detergent spout bags, and so on. How exactly is it made? For some friends who are not in the packaging industry not understand much about it, next Kolysen packaging will introduce how the spout packaging bag is made!

spout bag

The production of spout packaging bags is roughly divided into the following steps:

1. Design: This is to design the layout of the packaging bag according to the customer's requirements. A good design layout of the spout packaging has a very good effect on increasing the sales volume of the product. Our company provides free packaging bag design.

2. Plate making: It is to make the copper plate needed on the plastic packaging printing machine according to the artwork proof of the spout packaging design. The plate is cylindrical, and it is a complete set, not a single one. The specific size and the number of plates should be determined according to the packaging design of the previous step, and the price is also determined according to the size.

3. Printing: The specific work content on the plastic packaging printing machine is printed according to the first layer of materials confirmed by the customer, and the printed renderings are not much different from the design drawings.

4. Laminating: The so-called lamination is to bond two or more layers of materials together, and stick the ink surface in the middle of the two layers of materials, such as nylon/PE. Nylon is the first layer of material of printed material, and PE is the second layer material, that is laminated material, and in some cases, there will be third and fourth layers of materials.

5. Curing: According to different materials, different requirements, and different properties, it is cured at different times in a constant temperature room, so as to achieve a firmer, no delamination, and no peculiar smell.

6. Slitting: Slitting is to split the cured packaging film according to the size requirements.

7. Bag-making: Bag-making is to make packaging film into finished packaging bags one by one with corresponding bag-making equipment according to corresponding requirements.

8. Hot mouth: Hot mouth is to burn the spout on the finished bag. 

The quality of the spout will directly affect whether the entire bag will burst or leak. The spout of Kolysen Packaging is made of 100% food grade material, and it is explosion-proof and leak-proof. For more than 20 years, Kolysen Packaging has continued to adhere to the principle of quality first and a dedicated service attitude to continue to work hard to do the best. Thank you new and regular customers for your consistent support!

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